Improving the performance and speed of your Web-based application

Increase your site speed and availability with Lagrange Systems' application delivery network.

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Exceed Customer Expectations - Maintain eCommerce Speed

Advanced traffic management techniques ensures customer traffic is not routed to down servers, that static assets are cached and priority is given to revenue-impacting requests. A a one second delay can cause a 7% loss in customer conversions.

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Get in Front of the Customer Demand Curve - Optimize eCommerce Performance

Make sure customers don't abandon your poor performing site for a competitor's. Dynamic application scaling that matches spikes in customer demand and allows you to capture greater revenue opportunities. According to a recent study, the abandonment rate of shopping carts is 65.23%..with an average cost of $116.58 per cart.

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Derive Greater Value from your IT investment - Capture Greater eCommerce Revenue

Invest in your business not in over-provisioning your infrastructure. Drive greater efficiency from your IT investments by dynamically aligning in real-time capacity to demand. According to a recent study, approximately 75% of the assessed servers were running below 5% utilization.

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Tools to drive eCommerce Performance, eCommerce Uptime

Articles and white papers have proliferated on the topic of cloud computing and how it can help businesses deliver more value to their customers and realize greater operational efficiency. But very rarely in those tech-dense papers is there advice on when to move to the cloud and the right types of questions to ask to ensure to derive the most value from this transition. Read More >